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“Farmers who have been tilling the lands for decades and who are already vested with rights to own the land they till under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program are endangered of losing these lands and be dislocated because of APECO. The Agta-Dumagats who for years now have been pushing for their recognition of their ancestral domain under the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act or IPRA are facing uncertainties over the lands and sees that have been their homes since time immemorial. Fisherfolks who have been vested with exclusive rights over the municipal waters of Casiguran Aurora are now threatened not only to lose access to the sea that provide them with livelihood but also their homes as they are to be relocated. These are not unfounded fears and apprehensions. The threat of losing the land, the sea, and ancestral domain is very real for the people affected by the establishment of the ecozone. ”

The Transcript of  Jan. 19, 2011 APECO Senate Hearing (COMMITTEE ON AGRARIAN REFORM joint with COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL CULTURAL COMMUNITIES) is now posted!

Click the link below to view and/or download the script:

Comm. On A.R Joint w CNCC


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Press Release
December 1, 2010

On the APECO

Q: What about the APECO fund? What happened last night?

Serge: The people of Aurora, the parish priest, Fr. Joefran, the people of Aurora came to see me. Can you please take up our concerns because your colleague won’t listen to us. So I said, let me take a look at it first. Baka peke or exaggerated. But when I took a look at it, I found it had some validity, violation of laws, etc. Tapos sinuportahan ng 5 bishops, Bishop Pabillo of CBCP and Bishop Tirona of Quezon. And 20 parish priests, all from Aurora. So, mukhang may base ito. At least I am going to raise the concerns.

Q: Walang mababawas sa budget nila?

Serge: No, I am going to propose to cut it during the period of amendments, this afternoon.

Q: Paano kung mag-isa ka lang?

Serge: Baka. That will not stop me.


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